Multimedia questions and responses

EthnoCorder has over 20 types of multimedia elements that can be used in either questions or responses including iPhone's built in microphone, camera and video recorder. This flexibility yields dynamic and engaging surveys.

Geo-location tagging for all questions

Capture precise location information for all questions. Relief organizations can utilize EthnoCorder to capture real-time needs using standardized forms and pinpoint exactly where supplies are needed.

Deliver and administer surveys without a web connection

Transferring surveys and results does not require an Internet connection. Unlike other survey tools that are web-based, EthnoCorder is administered using desktop software. No connection is needed to gather and analyze surveys in the field.

Cross platform

Design and administer forms using EthnoCorder's desktop client for PCs and Macs. The cross-platform tool gives you ultimate flexibility when administering studies in the field.

Add adhoc media and notes to any response

EthnoCorder incorporates the ability to add adhoc audio, video, photos and text to any question. This enables surveyors in the field to not only populate standardized survey forms, but also collect additional information right on the spot while preserving the integrity of the survey format.

Export results to any software

EthnoCorder lets you export results from any survey to a CSV file or as a SQLite database. This gives you incredible flexibility in analyzing data using your software of choice from Microsoft Excel to SAS or R.

What you see is what you get

Surveys are designed centrally in the desktop client to be deployed to multiple iPhones. Each question can be built using a library of drag and drop question and response elements. What you see on your computer is exactly what the surveyors will see on their devices.

Tag video and audio

Tag any video or audio responses for content, themes, or anything else directly on the screen of the iPhone. Tags can be added second by second and are added to the survey results for analysis and searchability.